Mekee Mawhz

Mekee Mawhz

Mekee Mawhz is the Weegee of Mickey Mouse, ruler of the Playhouse Disngee Galaxy, the leader of Playhouse Disney Weegee and the Playhouse Disngee Empire. Mekee Mawhz was created by a Weegee Clone who is his father named MJedeegee during 1995 after Weegee became ruler of the United 'Gees Galaxy and before Fakegees existed. Mekee Mawhz is 25 years old.


Mekee Mawhz is described to be evil like Weegee and the other Weegees who support Weegee. When Meekee Mawhz is being attacked several times by an enemy, Mekee Mawhz will turn angry and transform into his Toon Form, but if he is low on health, he'll switch into his Ultra Toon/Ultimate Form.

Mekee Mawhz is also described to be a very brave Weegee of Weegee's Army.


  • PUSH START TO See Yawhr Riial Sewhn: If he says "PUSH START TO See Yawhr Riial Sewhn", you will become non-existent.
  • Laser Vision: His power is basic like Weegee, but can shoot a mixture of red, white and yellow lasers from his eyes.