Kep is the Weegee of Kip, the ruler of Heeglee Galaxy, a member of Weegee's Army, Heeglee X, the wife of Mazeeh,
Kehp Vector
the brother of Wawhke and Tahwnee, the son of Bawhteeh and Frawhpp and the nephew of Uwnhcawl Zawkhee. He was created when Bawhteeh gave birth to him during 1995 after Weegee became ruler and before Fakegees ever existed. Kep is 4.7 years old. Kep also hates Higglykids, humans who are against Weegee.


Kep is described to be an adventurous, exploring, extreme-combatting and a evil Weegee and will always helpful to Weegee and Malleo's armies. Kep can be quite extremely aggressive when in battle and will try to defeat Weegee's enemies who try and rebel against his orders and likes going to space.

Kep will also hang out with Owli Powli, Beelee Beeval, Pointy Beeval and Thenk Powli during in activities and at battles.

Toon Kehp

Toon Form


  • Flaming Rocket: He can throw flaming rockets to damage enemies.
  • Vacuum: He will drain air to create a vacuum to kill enemies and cause zero-gravity.
  • Gravitational Control: He can control gravity via Vacuum.
  • Blackhole: He can summon blackholes.
  • Laser Vision: Similar to Weegee's power, but he can shoot light blue lasers from his eyes rather than green.